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Comparing GPnotebook apps

GPnotebook has a range of mobile apps that give you access to information from the website while you are away from your desk. To avoid confusion we have summarised the main features of the apps below:


Web App

GPnotebook web app

iPhone App

GPnotebook app


quick medicine app

visit Qm website
Do I have all 30,000+ pages of text from GPnotebook preloaded into my device? No - you need an internet connection to read text and view images.


Images are downloaded from the internet.


Images are downloaded from the internet.

Will it work without the internet? No. Yes. Yes.

Can I search?

Is it the same search as the website?

Yes and Yes. Yes and Yes. Yes and Yes.
Is it fast? Depends on your internet connection - wifi should be as fast as the website. Yes Yes
Will the app update my tracker account? No. Yes, provided you have a valid GPnotebook account. No.
Can I add annotations? No. Yes and these will be synched to your GPnotebook account if you have one. No.
How much do database updates cost? Free forever. Free forever. Updates, 2-3x per year, are optional and cost less than 90p.
How long is a subscription? Indefinite - provided you have a valid GPnotebook account. Unlimited. You only need to have a valid GPnotebook account if you want to update your content or synchronise your personal data. Unlimited.
Is it limited to Apple products? No. iPhone.

iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

What's the cost? £5.00 £21.99 less than 80p
How do I get it? You purchase access from the GPnotebook site. You purchase the app from Apple's app store. You purchase the app from Apple's app store or Google Play
How do I get the app? Click here Click here iOS
General Practice Notebook
General Practice Notebook
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